Introductions Rules And Guidelines (MUST READ)

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Introductions Rules And Guidelines (MUST READ)

Post by Neon Nights on Sat May 30, 2015 5:43 pm

Welcome, new/potential user!

Even though you might just say "Hi, I'm <insert name here> and I like CQ so I joined. <Name> out!" there is a large notice:

It is mandatory to post here. After creating an account, you have 3 days to post here so we know you are an actual user, not a spam bot. You are given several consequences if one fails the allotted time, from a ban to the deletion of an account.

Also, you may not add any Social Media links, may it be Youtube, Facebook, etc. But, PS names, if your name here is completely different from your name on PS, is allowed. If you have a Smogon account, you may link it too.

No formatting, it be CAPS, Bold, Italics, Underline, Or strikethrough is allowed.

Any intros badgering the rules will be deleted. Repeating will cause further action to be taken.

Bad Example


I have joined the CQ FORUMS

In CQ, I RP as the GROUND LORD (Because all others SUCK!)

Not only I go on PS, I have FACEBOOK and Youtube! VVVVVVVVVV

<<YT Link here>>
<<Facebook Link Here>>


Good Example

Hello, I am Neon! On PS, I also can be Corrompu(FQuilava) or Sabrina(Meowstic). If you want to RP, I will be happy to oblige!

Hint: My favourite types are Dragon, Fairy, and Ghost.

I have a Smogon Account: <<Smogon Link Here>>

Hope to see you around the forums! Neon, out!
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